Red Wings Thoughts

I thought I might jot down some thoughts on the latest Red Wings stories and my thoughts on the matter.

First, Fedorov and the crappy reception he got a Joe Louis Arena. Now, there are many people who are going to disagree with me on my stance. Fedorov is a markee player. He served Detroit well for many years. Detroit won 3 Stanley Cups in that time, and he was never in any trouble. He never became the star that Yzerman or Shanahan are in Detroit right now. He was a cog in the machine, and a mighty big cog at that. The guy has scored a point a game so far in his career. In addition, his overall plus-minus is one of the best in the NHL in the last 10 years. I am not saying he single-handedly carried the team, but when they needed a big goal he delivered. I will never forget the 1997 conference finals against Colorado in Game 6. Detroit had a 1-0 lead and Fedorov was speared with the butt end of a stick and it knocked the wind out of him. He was carried to the dressing room for an entire period. He came out the second period of the game and scored the game winner against Patrick Roy.

Flash forward to last night. Fedorov was booed on the ice. People wearing Fedorov jerseys were booed when their pictures were put up on the big screen at the Joe. There wasn’t one thanks given to Fedorov for his dedication to the Wings. There were a couple people applauding I am sure, but still….more respect could have been shown. Respect was shown to other ex-wings who left the organization. Aaron Ward got an ovation when he scored a point against the Wings at the Joe as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes. He played a big part in the 1997 Stanley Cup playoffs and the regular season. No respect for Fedorov. So much for the classy hockey fans at the Joe.

Second, Curtis Joseph and being put on waivers. Here is a guy who signed a contract to play for the Red Wings last year. Now, I will come out and say the Red Wings were beat by a hot goaltender and team last year in Anaheim. It wasn’t Joseph’s fault. However, there were mistakes that were made all through that 4 game sweep by the Ducks. Things such as Matthew Dandenault accidentally high sticking someone in the face, realizing it, and then not skating to catch up to his man. The result was a goal. Sure, I was more than a little irritated by the Game 2 goal Joseph gave up. Steve Thomas scored on Joseph from between the faceoff circles and it wasn’t screened or deflected. I am just saying one bad goal or two doesn’t excuse the whole team for not playing very well. It also doesn’t excuse the fact that Anheim was playing like a team on a mission. They were a team working toward the Stanley Cup.

Now, Joseph is on waivers and probably heading to the minors. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose that is the thought when it comes to the Wings management. Cujo is getting a really raw deal here. He was going to be the guy, but now he isn’t because of Hasek. Rightfully so, the guy has 6 Veznia Trophies and 2 Hart Trophies. You can’t pass up the opportunity to get him. Dom never signed his retirement papers, so he always left the door open for his return. The Wings didn’t know if he would come back or not. Cujo is now caught with the short end of the stick. I feel really bad for him and I hope he gets his opportunity with another team. I really wanted him to get his Cup with the Wings. It looks like that will never happen now.


I hadn’t played a game since Sunday and then it was a week and a half since my last one. Needless to say, I was looking forward to my game on Wednesday. I got a request to play a second game a little later on that night, so I played two in fact. I didn’t play badly, but I also didn’t face many shots. The first game I won 9-3, but I didn’t face many quality chances. The goals that beat me were all good ones. One breakaway, one two on one, and a fluke bounce of my own defender and into the net. The second game was a 13-5 victory. I really didn’t face any shots until my team took an 8-0 lead and the other team got an extra skater for the rest of the game.

I am going to concentrate on that second game for right now. Not because I am disappointed with the result, but with the goals I let in. My butterfly was very slow last night. I had a couple goals beat me five hole, and I don’t know what the problem was to be honest with you. I have been trying to work on my butterfly speed, and staying in a lower crouch. Obviously, I need more work. Tonight I am going to get that when I play one game at 8:00 and another one at 10. My ice hockey team that plays at 10 is not far out of first place. I am surprised at that personally. My ice hockey game is steadily improving.

I think I tweaked my left knee a little last night. Today, it isn’t sore when I walk, but when I twist a certain way I can feel something is wrong. I am going to have to stretch a lot more efficiently. I am also hoping that my knee doesn’t get worse tonight. We will see.

I can’t believe it is Thursday already.