It is amazing how much sleep I got over the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. I got 9 each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Last night, I got 7 and obviously was still tired when the alarm woke me up. Sleep is one of the things I just can’t do without. If I get under 7 in a night, I am a zombie the next morning.

I felt a lot better yesterday so I played hockey in the afternoon. After being off for a week and a half, I played just like I thought I would…..a little rusty. I didn’t face a lot of shots either though in a 12-3 victory for my team. I was counting on facing more shots than that. I really wanted to be sharp for my game today. Well, at least I thought I had one until I came home and looked at the schedule. No game on Monday or Tuesday this week. I have one game on Wednesday, two on Thursday, and one on Friday.

The next few nights are going to be a little boring. 🙂