Kudos to Ferris State

Today was a day of rest. I was planning on cleaning the house and covering Ferris if I was feeling well. It wasn’t that way though. I didn’t go to cover Ferris State tonight, and after reading the box score I wished I could have been there. Big congrats to Ferris State for the Friday tie and the Saturday victory.

I hope I feel 100% tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Kudos to Ferris State”

  1. Didn’t they beat WMU? That’s my alma mater…hehehe. that’s okay, they haven’t been decent since 1994 anyway. I’m surprised they pulled out a tie against Ferris to begin with.

  2. Actually, they played Niagra. They did play Western Michigan at the beginning of the season and they play them again in Jan. Good rivalry there. 🙂

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