I really can’t say I am tired because it goes far beyond that. I really didn’t have a rough night last night. I got plenty of sleep. However, ever since I woke up this morning I have just been out of it. I have been walking around like a zombie most of the day today. It hasn’t been slow at work either. I have a variety of projects I am trying to get done before I leave tomorrow.

My White Tigers team lost 6-2 last night. I haven’t talked to the goalie who subbed for me yet, but I assume my team played well but just couldn’t find the back of the net again. That is the problem with the White Tigers so far this season. They are next to last in goals for. The good thing is we are hanging in there in goals against. Next week, we have the Fury which is the Stick Heads minus me and a few other players. That still chaps my ass by the way. Win or lose my feelings will stay the same.

The rest of my hockey teams have the week off. That is a good thing I suppose, because I will come back next week fully healed and ready to rock and roll hopefully. I am already looking forward to next week Monday and getting back in the saddle again.

I completed a lot of updates to my Freelance Photography Section on my website a couple evenings ago. I am pretty pleased with those pictures and I will have more coming as the season goes on.

More later!