Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

First snow storm of the new season and it is coming down fast right now. Although, my trusty 4 wheel drive Aztek doesn’t notice it at all. I remember last year in late March when we got a pretty good sized ice storm. I drove about an hour in it and didn’t notice any slipping or sliding. I love that 4 wheel drive.

Since I pulled that left thigh/groin muscle last week Thursday, I decided to not play tonight and rest up. That really annoys me to be honest with you. By the time I play again next week, I will have a full week and a half off. I really wanted to play tonight, and I could have chanced it. It just isn’t worth it though. Starting next week, I will be playing 3-4 nights a week again as I start playing for a team that needs some goaltending and defensive help in the Brass division, the X-Men.

The rest of this week though, I have off now….for better or worse.