Still a fan

I have never been someone to lose faith in the teams I support. I never really was a fan of organized sports in the first place to be honest with you. It wasn’t until I went to college and fell in love with hockey that I became a true fan. The first team I truely supported was Ferris State hockey. Even today, I support that team with my time involved in writing and photographing the team in action. I submit my work to a variety of different publications both on the web and in print.

I started doing this work back in 1998 for a web startup called US College Hockey. Now, they are the leading provider of college hockey information, news, scores, and so on. Ferris State was never the dominating program when it came to hockey. If they finished middle of the pack, I was content. Last year was a huge suprise to say the least as they captured the CCHA champion crown and made it to the final eight teams in the national championship tournament.

This year, it is a different story. I know I expected a good season. Heck, everyone did for that matter. Through the first 10 games or so, they have only won 3 games. Friends I know who supported the team last year are losing their faith in the team. Even when I talk to them about it, I stay positive. Maybe it is because I have been a fan for so long and have seen how this team has performed in the past. Even when struggling or a bottom rung team, I am going to stay supportive. I just hope other people do the same thing. However, I can’t change other people’s attitudes or thoughts on the team. I can only control my own.