Well, game one on Thursday is done.

11/20/03 – Smith-Diamond Reality vrs Vintage Painting

Here was a game that was pretty even all the way down to the wire. The goals I gave up in this game were good shots or bad bounces in a 3-2 loss. Not really much I could do on them…or could I? After thinking about them, I have my doubts.

1 – Good first goal by the other team. It was a giveaway in our defensive zone and the shooter came in on a breakaway. It was a good shot that beat me along the ice I believe.

2 – Defenseman shot it in from the top of the faceoff circle and it hit my own man and dropped into the net. I just lost it after it hit my own man.

3 – Another good goal but I think I may have been able to stop it. Shot from the point that I stopped but the rebound came out to a open forward who put it in the net.

I am moderatly concerned about our last two losses in this league. I have been playing pretty decently, but the chemistry this team has had is disrupted a little. We can’t control the bouncing pucks like we used to. The other teams we are playing are taking control of those pucks and getting chances.

It is a beginner team after all. Maybe I shouldn’t put so much on the team. I am going to keep working on my technique and making good decisions with the puck. I think I am also going to work on covering that puck and controlling those rebounds. That is what killed me on that third goal after all.

Got another game here in a couple hours. I am going to enjoy some of my NHL Center Ice package in the meantime. 🙂