Sometimes, it is the little things that matter. Especially in the game of hockey. Ferris State looked like it was trying to make something happen. In the process, Nebraska capitalized on its chances to win the game. On one occassion, FSU made a bad clearing attempt right up the middle while on the penalty kill. Another issue popped up when they tried to pinch in on the D and gave up a breakaway.

These are lessons I try to teach the hockey teams I play on. I have had varying degrees of success. Why am I posting this? More of just reminding myself to not stop communicating to my team the importance of patience and making good decisions.

Healing nicely

Well, it has been less than 12 hours since I strained that muscle and it does feel stiff this morning. However, it isn’t as bad as it was last night. Well, I am also not moving around like I would be if I was goaltending either.

Friday and Saturday I will be at Ferris State covering hockey. Maybe I will actually get those Michigan and Michigan State hockey pictures finished finally. Yes, I have been slacking.


11/20/03 – Windmeuller Electric vrs Nederveld

Another strong game for myself, but I did make a couple mistakes. One of them resulted in a goal. Still, it was a hard fought 4-2 victory for my team.

1 – A clean cut breakaway opportunity. He deked right and then wristed the shot to the left. It was a good shot as it went between my leg and arm when I performed a kick save and stretched to make the save.

2 – Powerplay goal. I stopped the shot from the point and the rebound kicked out to a wide open forward who flipped the puck over me when I dove across to make the save. The thing I was upset about in this goal was the fact that I didn’t control the rebound.

Rebound control is something I have to work on. I am giving up too many extra chances lately.

In the first period, when I made a kick save off a shot from the point, I felt my right inner thigh muscle give away. It hurt at the time and while I could still do a butterfly, I couldn’t move around like I am used to. It was also a pain to get up using my right leg. Only time will tell how this is going to feel. I don’t think this is a groin muscle, but once again we will see in the morning.


Well, game one on Thursday is done.

11/20/03 – Smith-Diamond Reality vrs Vintage Painting

Here was a game that was pretty even all the way down to the wire. The goals I gave up in this game were good shots or bad bounces in a 3-2 loss. Not really much I could do on them…or could I? After thinking about them, I have my doubts.

1 – Good first goal by the other team. It was a giveaway in our defensive zone and the shooter came in on a breakaway. It was a good shot that beat me along the ice I believe.

2 – Defenseman shot it in from the top of the faceoff circle and it hit my own man and dropped into the net. I just lost it after it hit my own man.

3 – Another good goal but I think I may have been able to stop it. Shot from the point that I stopped but the rebound came out to a open forward who put it in the net.

I am moderatly concerned about our last two losses in this league. I have been playing pretty decently, but the chemistry this team has had is disrupted a little. We can’t control the bouncing pucks like we used to. The other teams we are playing are taking control of those pucks and getting chances.

It is a beginner team after all. Maybe I shouldn’t put so much on the team. I am going to keep working on my technique and making good decisions with the puck. I think I am also going to work on covering that puck and controlling those rebounds. That is what killed me on that third goal after all.

Got another game here in a couple hours. I am going to enjoy some of my NHL Center Ice package in the meantime. 🙂