Things in perspective

I really didn’t give myself enough credit for the game I played yesterday. Course, that is par for the course. I have never been satisfied with my performance. Even in my success in winning championships doesn’t stop my drive to get better. My work ethic just kicks in and I feel the need to get better every day.

I have improved over the last 4.5 years since I started playing. I remember my first time playing. I remember my first thought at quitting about 6 weeks later. I also remember my team at the time telling me to keep working and good things will happen. Well, those times are getting better even today. I am still learning new things and I put that knowledge to use. My glove hand needs more improvement, but it is a lot better today than it was.

In essense, I am not giving myself credit. I probably won’t give myself that credit very often. Mainly because it is just my personality.

Last night, a member of my team said, “You are upset over the 3 goals you let in, but not over the 30 you saved?” I guess that is the situation right there. Ken Dryden said it best.

“Allowing few enough goals that he feels every one, he is driven instead by something else – the penetrating hatred of letting in a goal.” – Ken Dryden

More information on Ken Dryden can be found here –

More to come in a few days. I have a lot of photography to take care of and then FSU hockey games this weekend to cover. Thursday will be my big day with 2 hockey games to play.