Gotta give props to my team the White Tigers for a good season so far. After half this team won only 2 games last session, we have equaled that win total so far this session. Now the tough part begins.

Starting with the Vipers tonight.

There is no doubt that the rest of the schedule is definetly standing in front of me and my goal. My goal is to get at least 4 wins this session with this team. However, I have seen the rest of these teams play. None of them are going to be easy, that much is certain. I have stolen a couple wins in my time as a goalie. I am going to have to do that if I want to reach that goal.

The one thing I can say is that I am pleased so far with my goaltending in the Copper division. I really can’t say I have let in many bad goals. However, as I said, the real meat of our schedule begins tonight.

No matter what happens, I am going to be content with the outcome. If my team plays hard and I follow up with a great performance, then I will sleep well tonight.