Thursday 11/13/03 – Smith-Diamond vrs Midstate Security

I had one of my worst games in a while in a 7-3 loss. I really don’t know what happened other than the fact I really wasn’t focused in that game. I gave up a few bad rebounds as well. A few members of my team said I played fine, but I disagree with them. I look at my last 3-4 weeks of games and I was playing very well. This game, I just didn’t play as well as I should have played. Any other day, it would have been a close game.

I really don’t remember all the goals, but I do remember key mistakes that I made.

1 – Shot top corner of the net. The problem is that I was down in butterfly and didn’t get up fast enough.

2 – Two on one chance. Pass across the middle to the open man in the slot who put it home. Nothing much I could have done there.

3 – Open man in the slot again who beat me five hole. I was a little irritated with that goal because I was expecting the pass a little and just didn’t react fast enough.

4 – Another 2 on 1 chance and another goal.

5 – Breakaway chance. I stopped the first shot but he put the rebound in on me.

6 – Another rebound and a 2 on 1 chance. I stopped the first shot but I got tangled up with my own defenseman and got scored on.

I don’t remember one of the goals, but I was not impressed with that game. My team played ok, but I just didn’t react like I have before. What made me successful was being focused and playing the shot and not the man. I got caught today playing the man more than a few times.

My confidence is still pretty high, and that is good considering my ice hockey team is playing the #1 team in the league here in an hour. I have my stuff together and am ready to give it a shot. I have no where to go but up after that first game.