Much better…

I played a lot better Thursday night against the #1 Ice Invaders. I will say the Invaders cycled the puck and got prime scoring chances throughout the game. Windmeuller Electric was just struggling to hold on most of the game. In the end, it was a 4-4 tie.

1 – Faceoff win right to the winger who shot it top corner. I was out far enough, and I didn’t see the shot since my winger was standing in front of him. I figure it was karma working against me personally. The play before the faceoff, I slid across the crease to take a scoring chance away and I was sitting on the puck. My defenseman then ran into me and I was in the net. I then scooted out of the net and there was no goal called. The other team was more than a little upset, but they got it back 10 seconds later.

2 – The play started with a flip into the zone and right to me. Instead of freezing the puck, I played it behind the net to my defenseman, but he lost the puck to the opponent. He came around and centered the puck and they hammered it home. I did get a piece of it with my glove though. I had to stretch just to get that. 🙁

3 – Breakaway chance and the guy deked to the backhand and beat me. Nothing much I could do there.

4 – After we took a 4-3 lead, they just wristed the puck at the net and of course good things happen when you do that. It went off one of my wingers and I didn’t see it change direction because my defenseman was standing in front of me. I made sure I talked to him about that, but oh well. That was the only goal I wanted back in that game.

When I play rollerhockey, a tie isn’t the end of the game. There is a 3 on 3 OT. I wish there was an OT or shootout in ice. However, it just isn’t meant to be.

That tie was just a little fustrating when I thought about it. However, it was also one that my team had to fight to earn. This other team cycled the puck almost the whole game in our zone. They had a lot of open men in the slot and had a lot of good scoring chances. I stopped a nice 2 on 1 when I dove across the crease and made a save. I made another good save when I was caught out of position. I came out a little to far to take the shot and their offenseman passed it to the point and he wristed it toward the open net. I just dove back into the crease and made the save. Those were just a couple of the saves I made. I made a lot of other ones that I don’t remember.

One of the jokes I heard another goalie tell me was the “Michelin man”. That is where you face so many shots that you feel like the Michelin man. That or you see more rubber. That was the name of the game last night.

In other news, I came home to watch an episode of CSI before bed, and my recording was hosed half way through. This is the second hiccup with my Tivo. The first happened on CSI last week. Amazing. No biggie though, I am sure I will see it on a rerun or rerecord. 🙂

This weekend is going to prove to be pretty busy for me. Not only do I have hockey pictures of Michigan State, Michigan, Ferris, and Griffins to edit and post on my site, but I have family things to take care of. Tonight, I will be watching the Chicago vrs Detroit game, eating ice cream, and having fun with a good friend of mine.

It is the simple things in life I treasure. 🙂


Thursday 11/13/03 – Smith-Diamond vrs Midstate Security

I had one of my worst games in a while in a 7-3 loss. I really don’t know what happened other than the fact I really wasn’t focused in that game. I gave up a few bad rebounds as well. A few members of my team said I played fine, but I disagree with them. I look at my last 3-4 weeks of games and I was playing very well. This game, I just didn’t play as well as I should have played. Any other day, it would have been a close game.

I really don’t remember all the goals, but I do remember key mistakes that I made.

1 – Shot top corner of the net. The problem is that I was down in butterfly and didn’t get up fast enough.

2 – Two on one chance. Pass across the middle to the open man in the slot who put it home. Nothing much I could have done there.

3 – Open man in the slot again who beat me five hole. I was a little irritated with that goal because I was expecting the pass a little and just didn’t react fast enough.

4 – Another 2 on 1 chance and another goal.

5 – Breakaway chance. I stopped the first shot but he put the rebound in on me.

6 – Another rebound and a 2 on 1 chance. I stopped the first shot but I got tangled up with my own defenseman and got scored on.

I don’t remember one of the goals, but I was not impressed with that game. My team played ok, but I just didn’t react like I have before. What made me successful was being focused and playing the shot and not the man. I got caught today playing the man more than a few times.

My confidence is still pretty high, and that is good considering my ice hockey team is playing the #1 team in the league here in an hour. I have my stuff together and am ready to give it a shot. I have no where to go but up after that first game.