Looks like only 2 games tomorrow

No big deal though. The game I was supposed to substitute in didn’t pan out. It just gives me a little more time to go home, have a snack, and wait for my ice hockey game.

Today was a good day overall though. I was real busy at work, as usual. Played online games and watched TV pretty much all night. About a couple hours ago, I really got the urge to play some hockey or go somewhere. I supressed that urge though, being as that I have a physical enough day tomorrow already planned out.

That typically happens though. The fact that I need to be constantly entertained or busy with something. Maybe I am not meant to be a couch potato because it can’t be just TV or a computer all the time.

Well, I am going to go watch more of this Toronto vs. Anaheim hockey game and then get some sleep. More to come later!