Capitalize on your chances

That was the story of my team tonight. My team, Smith Diamond Reality beat Schutts Greenhouse by a final score of 4-3 in OT. It was a very hard fought game. Schutts had many chances and a few close in on me. A couple knicked the post and a few were wide open chances. The puck just wasn’t bouncing our direction all game. We had about five really good chances in the game and scored on four of them. The last one was a giveaway in their own zone to seal the victory. I didn’t play half bad, but I did make some mistakes.

1 – First goal scored when the offenseman had a couple chances to put it past me. I didn’t have my foot tight to the post when I went down in my butterfly.

2 – A nice 2 on 1 chance that they buried. Not really a chance on that shot.

3 – Another shot I should have had. Centering pass from behind the net that was real close to the post. I should have smothered it or knocked it to the side before it even got out in front. When it did get in front, I didn’t play the puck as well as I should have and he roofed it on me.

Overall, as I said before, not a bad game. There are some aspects I would have changed, but not much I can do now other than build on this game and keep working.

Now, I have a great deal of work to do this weekend for US College Hockey when Ferris State takes on Michigan in Big Rapids and at Ann Arbor on Saturday. In addition, I will also be watching the Matrix Revolutions on Saturday at the IMAX. I will be reporting in from time to time since I will need to do recaps and photos for both games anyway.

I am working on my links list on the left. I added US College Hockey since they are my side job in essence. I will be adding a couple more links as time goes on since I do work for more than just them. That isn’t my day job though. I am a network engineer and manager during the day. That pays the bills better than my journalism and photography job, trust me on that.

Until then, keep your stick on the ice!