It in for the long haul

After playing around with Livejournal for a while now, I decided to become a member of the community and sign up for a year. I really like this client I download on my PC in order to add to my journal. I know there will be things that I will miss about my broadbandreports journal, but I am sure things will work out better here.

My broadband reports journal is up in case any of you want to read the last year of my entries. There are over 100 so I am sure you will all enjoy reading them over (insert sarcasm here).,4095943~root=journals~mode=flat

I have a lot of things documented in that journal that I am tempted to bring over here somehow or put on my webpage somewhere. I just haven’t decided yet how I am going to do it or if. One of the main things is my third championship and first with the Stick Heads. Probably the best bunch of guys I have ever had the privledge of playing with. My second championship with that team also sticks around in my head as well. Anyway, there is a lot of filler in that journal that really can just go away without me thinking about it. Probably the same with every journal though.

So, what have I liked about livejournal since I joined up? A lot actually. The community is just huge. I don’t know if I will develop friendships here as easy as others do. However, I am willing to give it a try.

After a one day lazy layoff watching the Red Wings on TV last night, I have a game tonight and a game tomorrow. On top of that, I am going to be shooting pictures of the Griffins a little tonight as well as working late at my day job. Friday and Saturday will be busy with me going to Ferris State and University of Michigan to take pictures of college hockey.