A New Beginning

After over 100 posts on another journals site, I have decided to move to LiveJournal for all my blogging. Needless to say, while I am excited, all my previous posts are going to be archived on my website. More to come on this later.

For now, to bring all of you up to speed, here is a quick synopsis of what is going on in my life right now.

Hockey is going very well at the moment, but there are certain concerns that I have right now. My team of over a year and a half has split apart, aparently for good. This is after 3 championship seasons out of 6. In all 6 sessions we had winning seasons and 5 of them we made the playoffs. I am now playing for a new team, the White Tigers, which is in the same division as I won the championship in last season. This new team is going to experience some growing pains, but is a fun group of guys to be around. 🙂

My beginner hockey team looks poised to do some damage this session. After going 2-9 last session without me in net, we came back to win our first game 9-1 to start the new session 1-0. Good start in net for me as I gave up a breakaway goal and that was all.

My ice hockey team is 2-1 so far this session and I played strong in net my last game in a 3-2 win. The only two goals to beat me was a shot to the top corner of the net and a deflection off my own defenseman’s stick. Otherwise, my team really worked hard to come back from a 2 goal deficit in the last period to win the game.

I will be posting a place where you can look at all my past entries later on. I have a lot to do to get those up. Either I will find a way to put them in this live journal, or I will just archive them on my website somewhere. Else, I can just let them expire and start a new. I do like looking at all my old posts on occassion. Some of my posts bring back a lot of memories needless to say. 🙂