A New Beginning

After over 100 posts on another journals site, I have decided to move to LiveJournal for all my blogging. Needless to say, while I am excited, all my previous posts are going to be archived on my website. More to come on this later.

For now, to bring all of you up to speed, here is a quick synopsis of what is going on in my life right now.

Hockey is going very well at the moment, but there are certain concerns that I have right now. My team of over a year and a half has split apart, aparently for good. This is after 3 championship seasons out of 6. In all 6 sessions we had winning seasons and 5 of them we made the playoffs. I am now playing for a new team, the White Tigers, which is in the same division as I won the championship in last season. This new team is going to experience some growing pains, but is a fun group of guys to be around. 🙂

My beginner hockey team looks poised to do some damage this session. After going 2-9 last session without me in net, we came back to win our first game 9-1 to start the new session 1-0. Good start in net for me as I gave up a breakaway goal and that was all.

My ice hockey team is 2-1 so far this session and I played strong in net my last game in a 3-2 win. The only two goals to beat me was a shot to the top corner of the net and a deflection off my own defenseman’s stick. Otherwise, my team really worked hard to come back from a 2 goal deficit in the last period to win the game.

I will be posting a place where you can look at all my past entries later on. I have a lot to do to get those up. Either I will find a way to put them in this live journal, or I will just archive them on my website somewhere. Else, I can just let them expire and start a new. I do like looking at all my old posts on occassion. Some of my posts bring back a lot of memories needless to say. 🙂

More than a little irritated!

guess I will get this entry out of the way. I am always frank and honest in this journal. For better or for worst. Today, I am a little more irritated about a specific team in Copper than I was before. First, a little background…

In short, I played for the Stick Heads for 6 sessions. In that time, we had 6 winning sessions and won 3 championships. There is no denying the success we had as a team. After last session, it was decided that half the team was leaving to form a new team while the other half was going to walk away and play on other teams. This was fine, but I always wondered why this team was breaking up after so many successful sessions.

This Fury copper team is in essence the Stick Heads, but reloaded. Sure, some players walked away, but those players were replaced by better players. As I thought, they got another goalie in net to replace me.

I guess the thing that irritates me the most is the fact that I worked my ass off to better myself. To compete is something I strive to do. I always came prepared to play for the Stick Heads and I never missed a game or left them out to dry. So why the hell was I passed over? Why did the Stick Heads minus a couple players get back together without me in net or those few players? I know it will never be said, but it has to do with confidence in goaltending and the players in specific. Maybe the team was just not comfortable with me. Anyway, I am more than a little pissed off with the people on that team and probably will take it personally. Maybe more than I want to admit. I am going to try not to think about it.

When you have continued success on an established team, you want to have that success every session. This is something I know I won’t have with my current team in Copper, the White Tigers. I know they won’t have the horses to keep up with these higher eschelon teams. That upsets me a little.

On the good side, the White Tigers did come up with an excellent win on Monday over the Golden Eagles. It was a tight game all the way pretty much until my team scored two unanswered goals to make it 4-2. They chipped back within 1 and then we scored two more to make it 6-3 and that was the way it ended. Overall, I was impressed with the effort. I am always impressed with the effort these guys give. They may not be the most talented, but they work their asses off every night. That is all I ask from any team I play with.

I will feel better about things later on. I promise. Time heals all wounds.