New Team…New Season

White Tigers vrs Mole Kickers – Mon 10/27

I came up with a very solid game and only one goal I wanted back and we still lost 4-1.

1 – Nice 3 on 1 chance. From the point to the wide open guy on the right hand side who roofed it over me when I slid over to make the save.

2 – The one I wanted back. Forward behind the net with the puck came around and stuffed it in. I didn’t go down until it was too late. Gotta seal that low part when they come around like that.

3 – Nice shot from the slot that knicked the far post and went in.

4 – Empty netter.

Overall, a very solid game. I made a lot of good saves. There are still some things that concern me. First off there were a lot of screened shots I didn’t even see. Some of them I never reacted to since I didn’t hear the shot. Those kinds of shots, if they are on net, are going to cause me problems down the road.

I was thinking of some goals for this new team I am playing for. This team was 1-10 last session and 2-9 the previous session. It will be my goal to get them 3 wins this session, and against harder teams no less. We will see what happens, but it feels nice to play with a new team.